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Ethical Issues in Healthcare Systems

Healthcare and affordable healthcare, at that, is important to everyone. Healthcare insurance, as a system, has to be doable, for the healthcare provider as well as the member. The benefits offered must provide adequate medical coverage to the member, and must be affordable and also available, without the problem of pre-existing condition requirements.Benefits must, also provide an adequate range of services within the local, state, and national guidelines for the particular plan offered. They must be affordable, and yet inclusive enough, to service the needs of its members, and they should be flexible. Healthcare insurance is a commodity, that must be made available to all American citizens, irregardless of age, economic status, locality or previous medical conditions.

The recent healthcare legislation passed by Congress, and introduced by, President Obama’s administration, has, for the first time offered most Americans, employed, and unemployed a chance to get adequate healthcare benefits at affordable premiums. They can save money by choosing a higher deductible, thereby, lowering monthly premiums. States not offering certain benefits, can allow the insured to build a coverage package, normally called a plan that works within the insured’s guidelines, and needs.I am not certain which Southern East coast states offer limited benefits coverage in some instances, I will be writing an updated article,’ after doing more research on this topic, Limited Coverage, or No Coverage in Some States.What does constitute ethical healthcare benefit coverage opportunities?I would venture to say:
Benefits that are available under conditions that are opened to most potential members
No restrictions as to number of members, for example, group coverage as relates to small business, self-employed, group employee benefits coverage, requirements.
No pre-existing condition requirements, causing a block as far as potential members being approved for benefit coverage.
Healthcare benefits offered at an affordable cost all American citizens.

Other Options Available Within the Healthcare IndustryThe great vanguard: opportunity, being at the right place, right time, a chance of a lifetime idea offered to those wishing to locate a niche in today’s economy, for persons really wanting to offer a worthwhile service to all, is answered — by becoming involved in the ‘Healthcare Industry’.
Becoming involved in a self-employment venture which promotes and refers, others to providers (businesses that provide medical insurance coverage for its members).Because of the fact, that there are about 70 million persons nationally, that are uninsured or underinsured, provides, a niche market available to entrepreneurs willing to accept the challenge.